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The 4 major effects of kita sound healing

1) Cleanses the water content (fluids) of your body

Sound waves travel at 1500m/sec within water, giving movement to water molecules.
Water rots is it does not circulate. However, once we transmit sound waves, stagnant water becomes vigorous and clean; the sound waves act upon the water molecules and create small vibrating motions in the water

2) Adjusts the balance of autonomic nerves

Body sonic effects relax the body and mind and adjust the balance of autonomic nerves.
Our sub-consciousness remembers the comforting heart beats of our mothers, which we heard in the wombs for nearly 10 months. Sound Healing uses sounds that have comforting fluctuation patterns similar to our mothers’ heart beats. By physically feeling the sound vibrations via osteoconduction (bone conduction), the body-sonic effects adjust the balance of autonomic nerves, deeply relax the mind, and unwind excess body tension.

3) Accelerates circulation of lymph and helps egestion of waste products

Sound Healing improves the transmission of blood and lymph and helps in the egestion (excretion) of waste products that are often causes of adult diseases.
Sound Healing has received recognition as one of the detoxification programs for heavy-metal contamination, a serious after effect of 9.11 terrorist attacks. Small sound vibrations of 40-150times/sec massage the lymph vessels and veins, which are the primary “sewers” of body waste products, and thus accelerate the circulation of body fluids.

4) Increases “good bacteria” of your body and suppresses the activities of “bad bacteria”

Plants and animals are kept alive by microorganisms, which founded the Earth’s basic ecosystem.
Through experiments where sounds have been applied to the fermentation process of wine and “sake” (Japanese rice wine) and preservation process of rice and flowers, it has gradually become clear that sounds affect activities of microorganisms. Sounds seem to vitalize activities of intestinal bacteria that decrease with age, especially the “good bacteria”, suppress activities of the “bad bacteria” (and subsequently rotting/perishing), and have positive effect in the balancing of the body’s bacterial content.

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