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Brings a new way of living; It’s a year of action. 2016

Brings a new way of living; It’s a year of action. 2016

Is making other people happy as exquisite as honey?

By Keiichiro Kita
President The Society for Harmonic Science

Translation by Joanna Newson


Last year the news reported numerous worldwide calamities. We saw a lot of evidence of climate change and earthquake activity. There was the tragic mass displacement of refugees as well as many despicable acts of terrorism. None of these affected us directly in Japan; however, being indifferent is on the cutting edge of nothing! We don’t want to lose out on the momentum of the world awakening that is happening right now.

Of course it’s not all doom and gloom, but these days the Internet and TV makes all sorts of information hyper-accessible and we are exposed to masses of this on a daily basis. Of course we don’t want to become dispassionate but it must be true that exposure to certain information can sometimes be distressing for some people.
The Futurist Alvin Toffler thinks that since the Industrial Age (what he calls the 2nd wave) we are now in the swell of an Information Age (the 3rd wave). So how do we ensure that we do not get negatively influenced by some of this information? It would help us to nurture our own inner navigation system so we can identify what is good for us to be influenced by and what is not.

We really have no idea what can happen next in the world, and these days nothing much surprises us anymore but one thing is for certain we cannot carry on relying on the same belief systems. I believe its time to change our life philosophies and, we should not rely on so-called ‘specialists’ to make their predictions and come up with solutions on our behalf. We can do this ourselves.

The era between late Edo through to the Meiji period led to revolutionary change and is widely regarded as a turning point for the Japanese as they headed for political and economic revolution. Hard times really can offer us the opportunity for change. What seems like a problem often ends up being a breakthrough. Right now at this point in history we could use this time as our turning point, use it for self-expansion and growth and nurture our minds as unbreakable vessels that are boundlessly energized no matter what the scenario.

Albert Einstein said […you cannot solve a problem with the same common sense with which it was created…] he also said […common sense is nothing more than a bunch of prejudices learned before the age of eighteen.] Rather than proposing a dramatic U-turn in what we have been doing until now, we can try to transcend our common sense and live by a newfound Super Sense. That is to say that time has come to transcend our old selves.

This does not mean to compare oneself to others and try to better them. It means to be better than our normal selves have been up until this time.
It is time to use our subconscious mind and start an inner transformation and activate our inner force. This is what I call a ‘Harmonic Revolution’.
We can start a harmonic revolution with our own consciousness but first and foremost, how do we regard ourselves? In my opinion, we must begin the whole process by first honouring ourselves warts and all. Then, we can try to respect all life and pay attention to and be grateful to nature on a daily basis. I believe this forms the foundation for a real transformation in consciousness. I really feel that we need to be prioritizing this in order not to be swept up in this wave of information that we are presently exposed to.

Philosopher of Science and Systems theorist Dr. Ervin Laszlo says […that the future is not something to theorize over, rather, you co-create it…] and that […in order to use the power in the mind to create something great, you have to first renew the basic mind materials…] The habits of a lifetime accumulate but there is no need to try to fix what won’t work anymore. Instead, refill your mind with what feels right for you; fill it with more advanced mind material.

When we are ill we fight it, the mind aims to pin the illness down, but says Andrew Weil an American MD, in his book Spontaneous Healing, this type of mind actually gets in the way of the healing process. He says we shouldn’t treat illness as an enemy and try to defeat it. For a start we have to just let go of this typical thinking, set it aside and try to understand the illness as being a message or a clue from our sub-conscious. Once we understand that we can shift gear in life starting with improving what we eat and how we breathe. Then, he says, the capability to recover increases naturally and we may find the illness more able to take care of itself.
Due to a childhood illness I have tried to manage my health like this for the last 40 years.
When we examine our past selves, yes we may feel a bit ashamed or embarrassed at some of our memories but if we put in the effort you can be assured that the vessel we go on to create will be authentic and beautiful.
So what does it really mean to transform your mind? I can explain it with the analogy of piano keys. On a piano with 88 keys the lowest key is an A, which vibrates at 27.5hz. From there 1 octave higher (7 keys) is also an A but it vibrates at a higher 55hz. An A one further octave higher (7 more keys) vibrates even higher at 110hz. It is possible to go to the highest key of C, which resonates at 4186hz and is 7 whole octaves higher than the lowest octave. So, if your life has been perpetually tuned to a certain octave by way of your thinking, your words etc. you can switch to a higher octave by way of a transformation or Harmonic Revolution. The higher octave sounds are fresh and light.

DR. Richard Gerber who wrote the book Vibrational Medicine says that the piano keyboard is a good visual to understand
the seen and unseen frequencies, which exist on the human spectrum.
The human spectrum is composed of both matter and a multitude of minute structures at energetic levels. Modern science, has until now has always separated mind and matter but in the future it has to merge the two and take into consideration the frequencies of the unseen. This is the future.

The Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli, a peer of the psychologists Freud and Jung, developed the ‘Egg Diagram’ of the human psyche as a kind of guide for those who wanted to understand themselves. It shows the consciousness and the sub-consciousness. For me, the most interesting part of this Egg Diagram was the so-called transpersonal-self situated at the top of the egg. In the middle of the egg is a smaller circle with the conscious self-placed inside it and the multi-dimensional self is shown in two different locations of the egg. Our conscious selves are connected to our sub-conscious selves and the more we try to cultivate this connection we will be capable of more than we ever thought possible.

Usually when we speak about ourselves we are referring to the smaller, conscious, separate being we call ‘me’, but Assagioli tried to explain that our real self is the expansive sub-consciousness which is there as a guide to our consciousness. An analogy would be that the sub-consciousness is Head Office and the consciousness is a local branch. There are times when the local branch speaks and acts off its own back and is seemingly not in communication with Head Office. Even though it receives support and useful information it carries on functioning autonomously forgetting the resources it has access to. As a result the local branch may not get as authentic a result as it could have done had it been in liaison with Head Office more regularly.
Assagioli asserts that if we want to connect to the infinite possibilies of the sub-conscious (our true selves) we have to deepen our connection to it by way of our will power. This is the Act Of Will, which Assagioli wrote about in his book of the same name. We do this by for example, transforming our consciousness. We transform our consciousness by firstly respecting oneself this is part of the intention to honour your true self.
Further, Assagioli predicted that we will fail ourselves if we go on believing that we can control nature and that in order to prevent this doom it is imperative that we develop our inner world. He knew that our sub-conscious selves are connected not only to other people but also to nature and to space and that inside our minds we have access to a vast data bank that can possibly be accessed by all of us communally. This would be an extremely unifying existence like a rugby team, One for All, All for one! Taking this into consideration it is an interesting time to be wise and not limit ourselves with boundaries self perpetuated with our thoughts. Biologist Bruce Lipton MD speaks about the scenario of when we flee from danger, in that instant our consciousness can process 40 bits of information a second. Compare that to our sub-consciousness, which can process 20 million bits of information a second!

A friend of mine who is the Director of Cultural Affairs in Hawaii, Daniel Akaka Jr. warns us that we are dangerously dependant on technology such as mobile phones and computers and that these things take us out of ourselves and isolates us. He also thinks that we have to remember what our minds are really for and combine forces and think in a more spiritual dimension.
At this point in time can we really separate our own happiness from the happiness of others?
We each can shoulder some responsibility for our fellow human beings. Along with the animals and the plants we too are all members of this planet. These are exciting times where our mindful actions could make waves if we all concentrate our efforts to positive ends. By actions I mean firstly, adjusting our language, try to use only positive and affirmational words. Secondly, is trying to make others happy and not to live just for ourselves. The result will speak for itself; happiness will be ours for doing this. Also we should update the way we regard our own beings and transform our minds and start a Harmonic Revolution each person doing this in his or her own unique way.
Qualified members of the Sound Healing Association learn how to do this as part of their study before learning their practical work. It is the foundation of their training. Whether they use the Sound Healing machine or not, our members are using sound healing in its varying forms on a daily basis and they are transcending themselves.
You too can use your life afforded you and work on higher frequencies. You can be the force of happiness in the life of others. You can be strength no matter what happens. Seek out others who are of the same thinking as you and see what can happen.
Helping others brings the most exquisite of all happiness’, like tasting honey. Lets do it together. 富士山

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