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Peaceful Living 2017

Peaceful Living 2017

KITA Sound Healing can calm your mind and relax your body.

By Keiichiro Kita
President The Society for Harmonic Science

Translation by Joanna Newson

ハワイ 37 light years away from Earth in the first magnitude constellation of Bootes is a star named Arcturus. In Hawaiian this star is called Hokule-a (star of joy). A 1000 years ago or more, the Polynesians used the movement of the stars, namely Hokule-a, as well as the moon, the sun, wind and movements of the ocean as their guides as they navigated the Pacific Ocean. Essentially, these island people developed their own natural method of ‘way finding’. We laud Columbus crossing the Atlantic with a compass and a map yet, centuries before him the Polynesians were navigational pioneers of the Pacific journeying the Polynesian Triangle successfully without any such scientific instruments.
We now know that the Polynesians did not land on Hawaii, the most isolated archipelago by chance. It is almost certain that the Polynesians knew that other islands existed and migrated their way over time thousands of kilometres using their own impressive and creative navigation system.
Obviously the Polynesians were not in the age of GPS systems, they did not burn limited fossil fuels to power large iron ships so it is even more impressive that they travelled so far in a canoe. Made out of wood, a canoe sailor relied only on the power of the wind and the cycle of nature’s elements to steer his course. This creative and reliable method of navigation leaves us clues as to how we ourselves could steer clear of danger in the coming years.
As part of the 1975 celebrations for the 200th year since the founding of America, a project got underway to restore a traditional vessel named Hokule-a. The boat was a twin hull canoe of around 19 metres long with a mast for wind powered navigation.
In Micronesia people still refer to the ocean, the wind and the waves as living beings essential to understand when seafaring. Pius Mau Piailug, the well-known Master Navigator from the island of Sawatal in Micronesia proved to everyone that this traditional method did actually work when he successfully sailed the 3000 km from Hawaii to Tahiti in the restored Hokule-a. This restoration and subsequent voyage was an important exercise in testing the validity of the accuracy of ancient Polynesian sea navigation techniques even compared to todays’ standards.
Later in 2007, under the captainship of master seaman Nainoa Thompson, the Hokule-a made a journey from Honolulu to Japan using this same natural system and visited the 8 places from which Japanese people had migrated to Hawaii from; Okinawa, Hiroshima and Yamaguchi etc. Some people may remember it being featured in the film [Gaia Symphony].
Director of Cultural affairs in Hawaii Mr. Daniel Akaka Jr. was a crew member of the voyage to Japan. Last year I met with him and we spoke among other things of the Hokule-a and things that were of importance for us humans living in these times. I am happy to announce that Mr. Akaka will become an advisor to the Society for Harmonic Science. His life consciousness is much in line with our mission.
Mr. Akaka has always upheld and supported the sacred lineage of Hawaii’s royal ancestry and the voyage in the Hokule-a was a symbolic part of that ancient culture and knowledge. As a crew member of the Hokule-a part of his mission was to connect spiritually with the canoe, make a prayer of thanks and to offer prayers by chanting for the harmony of nature, the entire crew, the ocean, the sky and the stars etc.
These prayers were not fearful prayers for the safe passage of the canoe through rough waters they were more prayers to remain calm, strong and resolute in self-belief and believe in nature itself. Mr. Akaka also thinks that it is important in these times that we hold onto the same intention to harmonize our minds with the natural world. We must be of the mind-set that we do not exist alone but that we live in union with the earth and fellow human beings. If our prayers are genuine, we will learn to stay strong in this belief and this, Mr. Akaka says, is the best way to live.
A canoe is not as primitive a vessel as you think. By touching the vessel and imbuing deep appreciation with words and consciousness it turns into a vessel which holds life safely during sailing. The canoe was restored 40 years ago was made without using any nails just using rope. It was blessed by many a hand and is a very cleverly designed vessel which includes a narrower section which is comfortable for those on board. A canoe feels safe and comfortable on the water and the sailor can relax his body. Even when the sea is rough, rather than pushing against the waves, a canoe adapts and is protected by the sea. The water gently carries the boat and sailor. The relationship is almost symbiotic.
When I use my Biosonic Peace machine or my personal computer or my car, I make sure to silently thank them and send them gratitude and I am positive that it keeps them working for longer. Actually, I think of them as part of me and I advise all my members to live in this way; to physically lay their hands on the objects that they use in their daily life and send them your gratitude. In this way humans can play a part in enhancing their own environment.
Mr. Akaka also uses sacred chanting in his daily life. He tells of a sacred spirit or mana. His office is in Mauna Lani (the crossroads of heaven and earth) where the Hawaiian Royal Family used to hold their throne inheritance ceremony.
I have known Mr. Akaka for over 10 years but in 2016, he had been asked by Hawaiian airways to ride their maiden flight from Kona to Haneda airport and back to be on the plane to pray and offer thanks to the plane, to the sky, the ocean and the stars and for the staff and passengers. This is part of the Hawaiian Aloha spirit which means peace, compassion and mercy and is not dissimilar to the Japanese concept of “Yaoyorozu no Kamgamii”, that a consciousness exists in everything and treating it accordingly. This is something we must not forget.
We try to be in this same mind-set when we do KITA Sound Healing treatment. This is similar to the ancient Japanese martial arts; small moves with maximum effect. Both body and soul act as one and the movement become like a meditation in motion. You do not try to control your opponents’ body with force, instead, you relax, soften the heart and move with the force of your core.
When doing KITA Sound Healing in your mind you repeat compassionate words of gratitude and love for the client. Even without the Biosonic Peace Machine you can care for a person in this way using your hands and heart. I learned this technique over 50 years ago and it has been a great help for myself and my families’ health ever since.
So the Art of Harmonic Revolution has 3 methods to bring harmony to your surroundings. Using natural sounds on a CD, music and vibration of Biosonic Peace Machine directly into the body and, using breathing and voice techniques. With these techniques we are able to initiate a change from within our own being. Psychologist Roberto Asagioli said […man is a ‘being’ who is able to have an influence on himself and others both positively and negatively and it is important to realize this. This realization forms the basis of expressing the infinite power within us...].
2017 is supposed to be the year of change and progression. People say that anything can happen and what can happen nobody knows. In the long history of planet earth and the history of humanity we are most likely at the advent of a huge change. Personally I am preparing myself to be ready for anything using the 3 methods of Harmonic Revolution. We are well equipped to bring in the future we want using the soft power of a harmonized heart and a relaxed body vessel.
So set your own course, use the natural elements for clues - let us arrive together.

Gratitude to Nature

  • May peace prevail on earth.
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