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The year to transcend yourself. 2015

The year to transcend yourself. 2015

Harmonize every aspect of your life. Co-create your own happiness.
Honour yourself. Value all life. Have gratitude to nature.

Harmonic revolution /The Wisdom of Nature

Personal evolution in consciousness. Develop your own true wisdom.

By Keiichiro Kita
President The Society for Harmonic Science

Translation by Joanna Newson

In the past year we have witnessed some unimaginable extremes in weather; storms, typhoons, volcanic eruptions and extreme cold spells. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks nature might be trying to tell us something? It seems that we have arrived at a juncture where, each and every one of us needs to seriously consider what it is that we can all do for future generations.
If we carry on in the same way that we have been, the outcome does not look good. Time is running out. We have to formulate a plan of action immediately and set about implementing it earnestly.
Each one of us has his or her own different journey but rather than judging each other it is time to unite. We have to finally learn to accept each other and co-exist peacefully even with those who seem so different to us.
If each of us were to honour the basic precepts of “honour oneself”, “value all life” and “have gratitude to nature” we would all progress on a daily basis. Every one of us could have our own personal revolution in consciousness, or, what I call a ‘harmonic revolution’. We could activate the legitimate wisdom within ourselves.
Evolving on our own personal levels has a ripple effect on those we come into contact with. People and places will begin harmonizing with each other. Changing ourselves changes others and everything we need lay within us. I see this happening daily. Initializing deep personal transformation is a very interesting journey. We can be responsible for our own happiness. As a starting point we can try to value nature, others and ourselves. We can honour nature, others and ourselves. We can be grateful to nature, to others and to ourselves. The method that we suggest at the Sound Healing Association is to stay in this mindset as you go on to precipitate your own ‘harmonic revolution’. I will explain this approach further.

1. Harmonic ambience – natural and organic sound will make any space into a more comfortable one. It will re-calibrate your body rhythm to a more instinctive state.
The CD’s we produce at the Society for Harmonic Science have been sensitively edited from the original master tapes made by the late Satoru Nakada. He recorded a myriad of different natural sound landscapes all produced with a deep reverence to nature . When you play these CD’s, the sound waves transmit through the air at 340 meters per second. They act as a sonic air purifier, improving the quality of the environment. Nature recordings are special in that they include frequencies which are largely inaudible to the human ear. A veil of air produced by the vibration of the sounds vibrates on our skin and helps to actually encourage homeostasis with its natural rhythm. Pets and plants also benefit from this. Since 1997 more than 200,000 people have bought our CD’s and many report numerous physical and emotional benefits.
Take care of your environment and you can be happy. Use these CD’s as tools in places where there is excess man-made noise such as offices or in moving cars or inside an aircraft and you can help to reduce stress. One of the amazing things about these natural sounds is that they will still benefit you even if you don’t particularly listen to them. But when you do listen closely to them you can deepen a nature connection. I recommend listening with headphones for the best effect. These kinds of CD’s capture the special pulse of many special places around Japan such as Yakushima Island, Miyakojima Island, Ishigaki Island, Shirokami Highlands, Fuji Mountain and Kirishima Highlands. The sounds flow; mountain ranges, forests, streams, woods, rivers, chirping birds, the wind, the rain, and if you tune in to all the different sounds you can imagine the scenery and your whole being will become encompassed in nature. When you listen with the energy of reverence to nature consciousness nature will echo that and you can strengthen a symbiotic relationship.
Each recording holds the particular energy of the time it was recorded and its very interesting to absorb this and see the sound and hear the moment. Each of us humans was given life as a result of a number of other existences. Just like animals, plants and micro-organisms, humans are also one of the many components that make up planet earth. If you respect the natural world as the origin of all living things then you will ultimately respect yourself and anything else which comes from the same source. Incidently, it can be a bonding practise within a family to nurture this kind of reverence by listening together and calibrate yourselves to an inherently natural rhythm.

2. Harmonic massage – harmonizing the internal body with the Kita biosonic peace machine. Massage at cellular level.
The Kita biosonic peace machine was the brainchild of Japanese rocket science pioneer and amateur cellist Hideo Itokawa. He thought it would be a good idea to invent something which could transmit low frequencies of less than 150hz through the body to harmonize any tension. A similar theme runs through the story [Gauche the cellist] by Kenji Miyazawa.
We offer regular training on how to use the Kita biosonic peace machine. There are 3 parts to the training which are, technique, theory and self advancement. We have run over 100 courses and trained people from all over the world. More than focusing on the tool itself it is the skill and consciousness of the facilitator which brings effective results. In fact even without such a tool it is possible to awaken the clients’ inner healing wisdom by simply placing your hands over their body, use your deepest breathing and silently repeat positive words like ‘thank you’ to transmit their energy. From there it is the innate wisdom within the client that can bring about healing. Anyone can do this but when we train regularly we become far more powerful and more effective. The more you ‘rehearse’ your mind and your hands in the same way an orchestra does then you will find that in a short time without trying too hard you can bring harmony to a tense body.
At the Mind, Body Medecine Center in USA, Dr. Ronald Peters has been using the Kita biosonic peace machine with his clients for over 6 years as a tool to awaken their own inner wisdom. He says [ …at cellular level the human body is a constant process of delicate chemical reactions. The metabolism of the human body, the nerves, the immune system and every organ is like a large biological orchestra each playing its own part in the harmony of homeostasis. This happens because all parts inherently strive for balance and harmony. The body fights hard to ward off illness and maintain this balance. This is what I mean by the bodies’ own wisdom. I believe that activating and including this wisdom is crucial to medical treatment... ]
The Kita biosonic machine itself will not cure you. The resonance of the sounds it transmits boost the bodies’ natural will to recover. The vibration of the essential sounds purifies the body and retunes the system at cellular level. Practising sound healing on each other as a family will strengthen a family bond.

3. Divine Resonance – the voice and the breathe vibrate in higher dimensions. They are a connection to the unseen universal power.
One of the most famous doctors in New York, Dr. Mitch Gaynor lets all his patients have sound healing with the bio- sonic peace machine and uses natural sounds in his clinic. He also has been using voice and breathwork as a tool to empower people to heal themselves. He has been helping people create a positive body environment to help ward off illness by repeating over and over powerful words (kotodama) such as [Infinite Harmony, I am healthy]. He says […vocalizing is using the body as an instrument. Quietening the mind to hear the space within us and then vocalizing can harness the natural universal laws that inhabits everything in existence.
Tapping into the nature life sustaining power is an ancient practise.
What is this ‘natural power’ and ‘natural law of the universe’ that Gaynor speaks about?
In a book co-written with Cosmologist Masami Saionji, leading genetic researcher Dr. Kazuo Murakami (Emeritus Professor at Tsukuba University in Japan) says, […there are perhaps 2 kinds of nature. The kind that can be seen like the sun and the moon and the kind that cannot seen. The latter is of most importance…] the relationship between the seen and unseen might be akin to the seen and unseen parts of an iceburg. Masami Saionji says […this power which we cannot see pervades everything in the universe and also exists within us…there is purpose and harmony within this unseeable force. In order to live as our true authentic selves we must align with this purpose and focus ourselves on our own infinite possibilities that lie within].
Us humans are part of this nature and this unfathomable natural force is within us. Quantum physics explains that this unexplained force (dark matter as they call it) makes up as much as 96% of the universe. Even so, modern science has yet to be able to clarify what this matter actually is.
In his film [Limelight], Charles Chaplin, a man who also seemed to be searching for lifes true meaning says through one of his characters […think of the power of the universe turning the earth, growing the trees. That's the same power within you if only you will have the courage and the will to use it…] I believe that sound is one connection to this unseen natural force. I really hope that you will have the courage and the will to make this connection and make this whole year an important one. Let’s do this together.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.

Harmonic Day