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KITA Vibrational Sound Healing for peace of mind and body

KITA Vibrational Sound Healing for peace of mind and body

A well-being sound treatment that massages the internal body at cellular level

KITA Vibrational Sound Healing method was developed as part of a collaboration between the most famous rocket scientist in Japan, the aeronautical pioneer and best-selling author Hideo Itokawa and Keiichiro Kita, founder of the Society for Harmonic Science.
Dr. Rocket (as Itowaka was known) played the cello as a hobby and was very keen to design a tool which would put the vibration of deep, low frequencies directly into the body just like his cello. Deep or low frequencies have the ability to resonate over tension in the body while higher frequencies awaken the mind to different states.
The name of this tool is the Kita Bio-sonic Peace Machine since so many people say they feel ‘peaceful’ after one session with it.

Sound Healing can work when good quality sound permeates the whole body. This can help bring the body back to harmony and activate its own restorative power by improving the natural rhythm and frequency of the metabolism deep down at cellular level.
This tool is very easy to use on yourself or other people. For more than 25 years, Sound Healing facilitators report that the sessions they offer to clients have far better results when they have practised using it with slow, relaxed and focused breathing. All facilitators learn to use the Kita Bio-sonic peace machine in a 3 point method, the technique, the theory and continued spiritual self-advancement.

Kita Bio-sonic Peace Machine
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